After & Out of School Programs

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center After and Out of School Programs offer opportunities for youth ages 6-18. Activities include academic enrichment, tutoring, homework assistance, recreation, arts and music programs, mentoring, and community service. These programs are free of charge. While there is no single formula for success in afterschool programs, effective programs combine academic, enrichment, cultural, and recreational activities to guide learning and engage youth in dynamic activities that complement the school day. The Ag Center has found that the best programs are designed to meet the particular needs of the communities they serve. After and out-of-school programs can enhance youths’ academic achievement. Research has shown that participants in after and out of school programs:

  • Increase interest and ability in reading
  • Develop new skills and interests
  • Show improved school attendance, increased engagement in school, and reduced dropout rate
  • Submit better quality homework can spend more time on task
  • Are less likely to be retained or placed in special education classes
  • Have higher aspirations for the future, and are more likely to complete high school and enroll in college.

Youth Educational Support Program (Y.E.S.)

Since 2006, the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center has implemented the "Youth Educational Support” (Y.E.S.) After-school Enrichment program throughout the Southwest Region. Y.E.S. Program works with families that have limited resources. It is a four-day program targeted for youth ages 6-18. The program is held for two hours each day, starting in September. The program provides information that promotes long term commitment to the education of children via their family environment, school, community and Extension staff in the state of Louisiana.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Expand and cultivate the need for family and community involvement
  • Develop positive self-concept (self-esteem) at adolescent level
  • Enrich and empower youth
  • Identify alternative methods for redirecting undesirable behavior and applying positive discipline techniques
  • Building on their strengths and interest

YES program focuses on the following topics: literacy, math, science, health and nutrition. These sessions are conducted by youth agents, youth leaders, volunteer teachers or child care providers who would like to assist children in their growth and development.

Youth Gardening

The SU AgCenter Garden program is designed to promote physical health and is a valuable tool in teaching about food and nutrition. Youth benefit from gardening in various ways. Nurturing plants from seed to harvest can lead to increased feelings of confidence and self-esteem. In the garden, the youth learn to cooperate and solve problems as a team. They learn about interdependency and their roles as caretakers of the earth. Gardening offers a hands-on approach to learning, making it easier for youth to master skills and concepts involving math, reading and writing.

The goals of the program are to increase:

  • Responsibility - caring for and tending plants
  • Understanding - as they learn about cause and effect (for example, plants die without water, weeds compete with plants etc.)
  • Self-confidence - achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown
  • Love of nature - a chance to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place
  • Reasoning and discovery - as they learn about science, math, and simple construction
  • Physical activity - that is fun and productive
  • Cooperation - including activity and teamwork


SU Ag Center Academic and Leadership Camp

This summer camp is tailored to reinforce academics taught during the previous school year and to prepare students for the upcoming year by offering a variety of subjects. In addition, by participating in the summer camp, students are less likely to participate in risky behavior. Students who participate in the summer camp are provided social and academic opportunities. These opportunities include, structure, connection with others, increased exposure to math, science, and technology, and the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Family and Youth Exposition

Since 1982, Southern University's Cooperative Extension has held the Family and Youth Exposition to give Louisiana youth the tools needed to help them excel in academics and life. Family and Youth Exposition is a culminating event that brings all of the participants throughout Louisiana together to celebrate their accomplishments during the year. Prior to the statewide Family and Youth Exposition, youth begin preparing by participating in Regional Expos. Participants research topics and write speeches and create illustrated talks. Other participants study questions relating to history and current events to prepare for Quiz Bowl, a competition that consists of 6 member teams that compete to answer questions on history and current events. After Regional Expo is held, students begin preparing for the statewide Family and Youth Exposition. Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Family and Youth Expo is held annually at the Southern University Baton Rouge campus. It is a three day educational event that includes informative seminars, tours, public speaking and illustrated talk competitions, and motivational sessions for youth of all ages. The participants also will gain lessons in self-esteem, leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, and responsibilities. Family and Youth Expo is open to all ages.


For more information about the After School Programs please call 337-943-2410.

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