Women in Agriculture

The Wisteria Alliance Program

The Wisteria Alliance, began as a pilot program in November 2012, with the goal of providing practical, hands on training for women who live on farms, and those whose interest lie in starting a farm, and /or urban / community gardeners. The project got its name from the Wisteria, a lavender colored, very beautiful but hardy, steadfast flowering plant. Its purposes are many, just like the role that women play in agriculture.All of the Wisteria Alliance trainings will be designed for women, and the majority will be conducted by women. Although men are welcome, the Wisteria Alliance is committed to creating an atmosphere where women will be comfortable to ask all types of questions in a warm nurturing environment. The Wisteria Alliance, prepares women to own and operate their own farms and other agricultural based businesses. The upcoming training sessions plan to cover all aspects of farm ownership, agricultural business management and urban / community gardening.


The specific objectives of the Wisteria Alliance are as follows:

1. Promote and enhance the roles of women on the farm, urban and community gardeners;

2. Create a cooperative spirit among women in agriculture at all levels;

3. Empower women in agriculture through education, practical skills building, and leadership development.


Additionally, we will cover topics such as container gardening, using hand tools, building fences, managing livestock and livestock health, adding value to your agricultural products, landscaping, starting a community / school based garden, and so many more. We will also have at least two sessions, where the participants select the training topic and host a session. This will serve as a chance for the host to get extra help with their operation. We will travel to hosting farm, with all of the necessary resources, including trainers, and assist on the farm however we can.

For more information please contact : Dawn Mellion Patin, Ph.D. at dawn_mellion@suagcenter.com or 225-771-3532 or Zanetta Augustine at zanetta_augustine@suagcenter.comor 225-771-2591.

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