Youth and Family EXPO
Youth and Family EXPO

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center hold its annual Family and Youth Exposition in June. The event assembles youth in Baton Rouge for a two-day educational, fun-filled experience. The also brings together SU Ag Center specialists, agents, staff, faculty and volunteers from various parishes for a memorable program with the youth. This year’s Expo themed "Dream: Discover the Rewards of Educating & Advancing Minds," will feature exhibits, entertainment, activities, fun and exciting workshops and demonstrations for the whole family.

Youth will arrive in Baton Rouge, get acquainted and enjoy fun activities on the grounds of the Southern University Ag Center in A.O. Williams Hall. They will participate in educational seminars, workshops, illustrated talk, motivational and public speaking. The event will culminate on Saturday morning with quiz bowl competitions, awards presentation and recognitions.

The annual Family & Youth Exposition involves youth in various activities including Public Speaking and Illustrated Talk contests. The necessary materials to register youth for the 2015 EXPO contests are available. Please adhere to the deadline. No entries will be accepted after the deadline date.

Illustrated Talk

Manipulative can and should be used when appropriate with the Illustrated Talk contests. For an example of how the contest should happen, review the video at

Only the illustrated talk category requires visual aids / props / technology or other manipulatives. Use of such manipulatives in the public speaking category will be disqualified immediately.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is just that, speaking to an audience, which does not require the use of technology or other tools. For an example of how the contest should happen, review the "Toastmasters” at NO VISUAL AIDS / PROPS / TECHNOLOGY OR OTHER MANIPULATIVES WILL BE USED FOR THE PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST.

Contact details

For questions or additional assistance, call 225-771-2262.

Event details

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Please find the contest Guidelines and Registration forms below.

Illustrated Talk Contest Guidelines
Public Speaking Contest Guidelines
Public Speaking Contest Registration Form
Contest Memo, Guide and Registration



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