Emergency Preparedness

In 2009, the Family and Human Development Unit developed a plan that would assist citizens in preparing for tragic events occurring in Louisiana. The goal was to help citizens gain knowledge and tools to establish an "all-hazard” emergency preparedness plan. The Emergency Preparedness Program's purpose is to help families, child care centers, and community organizations develop a plan and carry out their action strategies for all hazard disasters.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and other disastrous events, citizens started realizing they didn't have an emergency plan in place. These horrible events provide a rude awakening to the citizens of Louisiana to take the necessary steps in preparing for any type of emergency situation.

Citizens realize that preparation is the solution to avoid unnecessary hardships during natural disasters. Our program offers child care providers, employees, families, and community members with a new approach to dealing with all hazard situations. It provides them with an opportunity to obtain the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to achieve self-sufficiency in preparing for all-hazardous emergencies.

The program educates citizens about:

  • Various disasters that affect Louisiana communities.
  • Coping with the results of a disaster
  • Creating a family disaster supply kit.
  • Identifying community resources specializing in disaster recovery
By teaching emergency preparedness classes and disseminating pamphlets, families are equipped with the necessary tools to develop strategies that would help mitigate and prepare for unexpected disasters. Statements from citizens include, "this is a great program, and it helps them prepare early for any all-hazardous emergency situation” and "I can benefit from this information”. As a result of the information, resource, and services provided, this program helped many families change existing circumstances and behavior for the betterment of their families.



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