Family Programs

Parents Preparing for Success Program
The high poverty rate, lack of employment, low educational attainment, high proportion of single-parent families in Louisiana all contribute to the need for the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Center's Parents Preparing For Success Program.

There is an overwhelming need for early, continuous, comprehensive training for parents with limited resources in the areas of basic parenting and money management. This program helps these parents develop the necessary skills to provide positive and effective parenting and money management practices to meet the needs of their families. This culturally sensitive parent-training curriculum provides parents with educational information that will enable them to become self-sufficient and successful citizens. The required five-week training, which is offered multiple times throughout the year, helps parents understand effective parenting practices necessary to create a safe and nurturing environment for their children as well as effective money management practices to meet their family's financial obligations. The five classes are entitled, Caring For Your Baby/Handling Cash Crisis, Keeping Your Baby Safe/Making It On Your Own-Transitioning Into Work, Understanding Your Baby's Development/Overcoming Transportation and Childcare Challenges, and Family Strengthening/Effective Communication.

Upon completion of the five-week training, parents are equipped to plan developmentally appropriate activities for their children, organize and pay their bills, recognize the importance of safety in the home and in the car, plan activities within the family budget, evaluate symptoms of sickness their baby is showing, manage unexpected emergencies, identify good and bad communication techniques, and demonstrate techniques of positive guidance with their children.

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center provides its Parents Preparing For Success Program in the following parishes: East Baton Rouge, St. James, St. Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa, Morehouse, East Carroll, West Carroll, Avoyelles, St. Landry, St. Helena, Livingston, East Feliciana, and Orleans.

Second Change 2 Recover Program

The Second Chance 2 Recover Program (SC2R) program afforded inmates opportunities to address critical family, social health, environmental and economic issues. The SC2R project fostered both outreach and research efforts that aided in improving the quality of life for inmates in the pre-release program. Inmates are provided educational lessons, which included the following focus areas: parental involvement, addictive behaviors and co-dependency, self-esteem, communication and resume' writing and interview skills. The team of educators is committed to helping inmates gain knowledge and develop skills that will enable them to improve self-sufficiency, as well as relationships with family upon reintegration into society.

4-H LIFE Program

The purpose of the 4-H LIFE program is to develop orenhance familial relationships between incarcerated parents, their children, and caregivers. The program addresses and reinforces critical issues that inmates, children, and caregivers deal with during the parent's incarceration.The program intends to continue to increase familial relationships that encourage children ages 8-17 to develop meaningful relationship during visits, learn to engage in activities as a family, and afford parents the opportunity to regain control of the relationship as an authoritative person in their child's life even though they are incarcerated. The 4-H LIFE program is a partnership between land grant university extension agent, corrections and 4-H volunteer who mentor the youth.

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