Resource Management
The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center's (SUAREC) provides individuals and families with the building blocks of management strategies to accomplish family goals and encourage salient values. Resource Management introduces the techniques needed to manage resources such as budgeting money, time, energy, knowledge, equipment, and skills that will make a difference in the family's life cycle.

Decision-making and the principles of resource practice is essential to individuals and families in order to achieve a greater quality of life. To maintain and enjoy this lifestyle depends on how their resources are managed. Further, understanding the relationships of goals and values enables families to understand the decision making process and management concepts. This will allow families to cope with the tough economic hardships surrounding the family.

As families move through the life cycle, they become concerned about strengthening their abilities to build and maintain economic security. Families must understand the circumstances that can occur during their life cycle. Therefore, they must be prepared to seriously examine their financial resources in order to extend and grow their financial portfolios through retirement age.

Families consume many resources; however, we want to provide them with the necessary tools to save for school, emergencies, and big purchases (e.g., cars, houses, appliances). We also help families prepare for the unexpected expenses such as illnesses, funerals and the increasing cost of school. Families must be vigilant about learning strategies for maximizing resources. Family resource management practices support educators' knowledge and understanding of human ecosystems within the community that surround families living in tough times and poverty.

For more information about Resource Management Programs contact Kasundra Cyrus at 225-771- 2032.

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