Research Reports
Research reports allow for the timely publication of information that is less technical and less research-oriented than the technical publications. The SU Land-Grant Campus  Research Reports include progress reports on current research, preliminary results that can be put to immediate use, and compilations or reviews of other research. Though less technical than Technical Bulletins, Research Reports are critically reviewed to determine the need for the information and its scientific value. Routine progress reports are not published as Research Reports.
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Mixed Species Grazing of Cattle and Goats on Gastrointestinal Infections of Haemonchus Contortus- A major factor that negatively affects ruminant production worldwide is the infection with gastrointestinal nematodes. Economic evaluations have shown that major losses due to parasitism have been associated with animal production rather than mortality.
Nutritional Strategies to Mitigate the Effects of Negative Energy Balance on Reproductive Performance of Early Postpartum Does- Reproduction in goats can be described as seasonal, spontaneously ovulating or polyestrous. Thus, factors such as latitude, climate, breed, physiological state, presence of male, breeding system and photoperiod may influence the onset of breeding.
Pasture Finishing of Rabbits Using the Morant Style Hutch - Pasture rearing of poultry has proven to be a profitable enterprise as well as providing a good environment for the birds and a healthful product for the consumer.
Rondon project: Addressing water issues in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in Brazil- The northeastern region of Brazil has embattled a severe drought for centuries making it almost impossible to supply the local communities with adequate drinking water. As part of their outreach program the university of Zumbi dos Palmares was contracted by the Ministry of Defense to provide the necessary technical expertise to build a water cistern in the town of Maranhao.



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