Technology Services

Christopher J. Rogers
Director of Technology Services

The Office of Technology and Communications Services (OTCS) houses two divisions, Information Technology and Communications to assist specialists, researchers, and agents with information technology and communications needs. We provide support in the planning, packaging and distribution of traditional and non-traditional educational materials based on the vision and mission of the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

Technology Services Documents for Download

Email Access
Policies & Procedures Manual
Communications Office Policies
Ag Center Cell Phone Policy
Antivirus Policy Statement
Computer Use Policy - SCRI
Computer Use Policy - CRSBD
Email Policy
Social Media Policy
Social Media Request Form
Policy on Electronic Devices Connected to SUAREC
Policy on Peer-to-Peer Networks
PC and Printer IT Request Bulletin
Policy Statements on Website Hosting and URL Addressing at SU Ag Center
SU Ag Center Logo Usage Policy
IT Data Storage and Backup Policy
Password Policy and Guides
Security of Information Technology Systems and Networks
Email Registration Form
Fact Sheet Template
Letterhead Template
SUAREC General Power Point Template - Blue
SUAREC General Power Point Template - White



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